Henry Mohler, Sr. Land Deals 

Henry Mohler (we shall refer to him as Henry, Sr.) acquired 140 acres in Cocalico Twp, Lancaster Co. PA, with warrant April 23, 1735, survey August 23, 1735, patent Sept. 28, 1736. This land is shown on the original landowner map south of John White's large patent, with other adjacent owners George Mohler, John A. Cole, Daniel Good/Jacob Groff, Hans Mether and Michael Andreas.

In Lancaster Deed Book N-9, recorded July 5, 1768, between John White and Henry Moler on Nov. 19, 1736, wherein White sold 245 acres of his 1647 patented acres to Henry Mohler, (Sr.). This land was adjacent to Cocalico Creek, Jacob Groff, Jacob Haynes, and Henry Creibill. These 245 acres are immediately north of Henry's 140 acres mentioned above.

John White sold 1243 of his 1647 acres on that same date to others who will figure into our story:

Sigmond Landart 140 acres (R-292)
Frederick Gas, 113 acres (C-414)
Jacob Graff, 128 acres (K-21)
John Henry Haggeman, 147? acres (D-152)
Henry Creibill/Graybill, 260 acres (G-173)
John Mergie, Sr, 180 acres (?)
Jacob Hershberger, 275 acres (K-8)

Henry Mohler, Sr. acquired a tract of 55 acres, warrant Nov. 27, 1745, survey Dec. 4, 1745, patent April 18, 1747. This tract is located south of and adjacent to the 140 acres aforementioned.

On Feb. 22, 1749/50 Henry, Sr. sold 50 acres of his 140 tract to his neighbor, Jacob Graff (Book D-399, recorded Jan. 20, 1757) He did not sign his name, giving "HM" as his mark. One of the witnesses of this deed was Jacob Moller, likely his son.

There was one other early land warrant, June 12, 1751, for 70 acres in Cocalico Twp in the name of Hans Henry Mohler. Tract was not located.

Returning to the John White land sold to Sigmund Landart. Landart sold his 140 acres to Christian Graff on Oct 15, 1744. Christian Graff died, and his widow Margaret, along with her children, sold the 140 acres to "Henry Mohler the Elder" on May 13, 1752 (Book S-28).

Henry Mohler, Sr. and his wife Elizabeth sold 8 more acres of the original 140 on Dec. 10, 1756 to John Mather, also his neighbor (Book L-117). Henry wrote his "HM" mark, and Elizabeth sighed with an "X". Witnesses were Henry Moaler and Jacob Mosler, likely Henry Sr.'s sons.

Only a few days later, Dec. 20, 1756, Henry Mohler, Sr. and wife Elizabeth sold to their son Jacob, for 20 shillings and love and affection, portions of two tracts: 162 acres of the 245 obtained from John White and 28 acres of the 55 acre patented tract. Henry, Sr signed "HM" and Elizabeth "I" (Book S-16).

A deed dated Jan 8, 1763 (Book M-397) shows that Henry Mohler, Sr. and wife Elizabeth sold to Henry Mohler, Jr. for 20 shillings and love and affection 95 acres of the 245 acre tract from John White. Again Henry signed with "HM" and Elizabeth with an "X".

Two days later, Jan 10, 1763, (Book N-7), for 20 shillings and love and affection Henry, Sr. and Elizabeth sold to Henry Mohler, Jr. 95 1/2 acres (71 from the 140 tract and 25 1/2 from the 55 acre tract).

Henry Sr., neighbor, Jacob Gorgas, mortgaged some 16 acres of land to Henry, Sr. on June 23, 1766 (Book H-332).

In 1766 John Margle's children sold 58 acres of the land he obtained from John White to William Heaffer; a deed dated June 1, 1769 shows that William and Catherine Heaffer sold this tract of 58 acres to Henry Mohler, Sr. (Book S-33).

At an unknown time, Henry Mohler also purchased 70 acres from Daniel Good, according to his will.