Elizabeth Mohler to Daniel Bowman et. al. signs off on estate, FF 277


Know all Men by these Presents that I Elizabeth Mohler (Widow and Relict of Henry Mohler late of Cocolico Township in the County of Lancaster yeoman decd) do hereby acknowledge to have had and received of and from Daniel Bowman and Jacob Keller Executors of the Last Will and Testament of my said Husband decd the just and full Sum of One hundred Pounds in Specie for a Legacy to me the said Elizabeth Mohler given in and by the Last Will and Testament of my said late Husband Henry Mohler decd And I the said Elizabeth Mohler in Consideration of the Premisses aforesaid for myself and my Heirs Executors and Administrators Have remised released & forever quit claimed, and by these Presents Do remise release and for ever quit claim unto the said Daniel Bowman and Jacob Keller the Executors aforesaid their Heirs Executors and Administrators all and all Manner of Action and Actions Cause & Causes of Action and Actions Suits Debts Dues Duties Reckonings Accounts Sum & Sums of Money Controversies and Demands whatsoever both at Law & in Equity or otherwise howsoever which against them the said Daniel Bowman and Jacob Keller Executors aforesaid or either of them I for myself my Heirs Executors and Administrators or any of them shall or can or may have claim challenge or demand for or on account of the Monies or Legacy aforesaid or any Part thereof or in any Manner thereto relating. Witness my Hand & Seal this ninteenth Day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty Six Elisabeth Mohler in (Seal)

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of us Jacob Mohler Henry Mohler

Lancaster County ss Before me the Subscriber one of the Court of Comon Place for said County personally appeared before me Henry Mohler one of the Subscribing Witnes to the foregoing Release who on his Solemn Affirmation doth say that he was present and saw the above named Elisabeth Mohler sign seal and deliver the foregoing Release as her Act and Deed and desired that the same might be recorted as such and that he also saw Jacob Mohler sing his Name as a Witnes to the same and the Subscribeth Name Henry Mohler is his own Hand Writing As Witnes my Hand and Seal the 19 Day of December 1786. Adam Nees (Seal)

Recorded the 29th Day of December 1786 James Jacks Recorder